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A lot of people won’t want to hear this since the general belief is that hatred is a learned/taught thing and isn’t natural, but that’s not quite right. Hatred is in fact very natural, and the reason behind this is that hatred stems from more than just the teachings that are given to children as they grow. Granted, hatred is something that we learn from those that teach it, but it is also a natural occurrence when one is never given a single lesson on whether to hate someone or not.

It’s caused by fear.

The fear of another person taking what you have, of threatening you in some way for no apparent reason, and other various situations that might arise is what truly begins the cycle of hatred. It might seem like a simplistic explanation that isn’t based upon fact but the truth is that when a person is afraid they can go one of two ways. They can move away from that which they’re afraid of, or they confront it. Both actions have varied responses that can occur after this initial decision to exhibit fight or flight patterns, but both can lead to a resounding sense of fear that can eventually simmer into what we like to call hate.

The negative feelings that fear and the humiliation that can result from this fear can create resentment, anger, and even a deep-seated dislike that can continue to grow. There are of course ways to counter this, as the outpouring of emotion that comes from any human being is always capable of being managed if it’s caught at certain stages. Instead of being a product of being taught however hatred is like a wild animal that can be caught and taught be undeniably cruel, sharpening the anger and the fear that have led to such a negative emotion until it becomes so virulent that it’s almost like a disease.

But hatred, unfortunately, is still a very natural response to what a human being fears, and is not entirely manufactured by those that take hold of such negative emotions in others.

Hatred is another side of humanity that many do not want to lend credence to.

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In a perfect world that some envision there would be no hatred and there would be no animosity between anyone. This world however could not exist if humanity decided to be a part of it. We are hardwired for many things, and with everything that we are capable of there must be a balance or the system to which we are genetically and emotionally bound would not work. The ability to be happy, content, and peaceful is wonderful and definitely preferred. But hatred is unfortunately a necessary evil within humanity, as it is the release of the primal, unrestrained anger that humans feel and that must be a part of us if we are to continue to survive.

Our world exists within a delicate balance, and so do we. Ignoring this is not a wise idea, but learning how to manage that balance is something that humanity has continually struggled with. It is possible to harbor both hate and love within the same heart and mind, and it is possible to temper both so that such a balance can be struck.

Hatred is a part of who we are no matter how much some wish to deny it. Tempering it however is the key to living with the powerful emotion, as it is useful when paired the ability to use it wisely.

You might think I’m nuts, but anger, hatred, and all those negative feelings they’re associated with can be useful, if you know how to apply them. But they are anything but unnatural.

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