The question on how to move forward when you’ve hit that metaphorical wall is something that at lot of people have had to deal with in their lives. Once you reach the end of the road you’re currently on you have to decide with new path is going to take you in the same direction, and which one is going to take onto something new and possibly better. There are no real shortcuts here when it comes to maximizing what you can do with your life or with your job. If you want the best results you’re going to work for them and you’re going to find that while slow and steady is frustrating, the key term is ‘steady’. Slow isn’t always a necessity but it does help in the beginning as you acclimate to the pace that will help you move forward at a greater rate.

So let’s explore a few tips on how you can help yourself to maximize your potential.

Recognize your own potential.

Everyone’s got at least some potential that’s buried deep inside or that is sitting at the ready and is waiting to be utilized. The trick is recognizing what you want to do, how to do it, and how to best utilize that potential that you’ve already got in stock. A lot of people stumble when they convince themselves that they don’t have what it takes to advance in a new direction or with a different outlook on their current situation. What needs to happen in this instance is that a person has to back up, take stock of what they have, what they want, and then figure out the link between them. A lot of times that will help to spark the potential a person already has so as to make that link work. Believe in yourself and find a way to move forward.

Don’t forget the basics.

Too many people try to stride ahead without remembering the simple techniques and methods that got them to where they’re at now. They might seem rudimentary and quite basic but those skills are what brought you to this level and when push comes to shove they’re still quite useful. Core principles and practices in any business or workplace are what keep the system running and keep those within the system advancing if they stick with them. In a way trying to get ahead without remembering the basics would be like trying to master a motorcycle without first learning how to ride a bike. It’s possible, but you’re bound to make some costly mistakes.

Expect more of yourself than you can give.

Why is this? When people say give 110 percent it’s a motivational tactic, meaning you need to reach down and find that last little bit of energy, that last scrap of motivation, and put it into whatever you’re planning without hesitation. It’s a good practice and it’s a way to light that inner spark of creativity that can lead to even more potential that you didn’t realize you had yet. Pushing yourself to the limit is kind of like working out, the more you push, the more you’ll be able to do, to take, and to endure. Your limits will increase the more you push yourself, and your potential will only grow.

Innovation is key to growth and to maximization of potential.

Think outside of the box, think around it, sit on the edge of the box and ponder the wide open beyond that holds vast numbers of ideas that have yet to be fully realized. You won’t know what you’re capable of unless you decide to look beyond what you’ve already done and past what convention tells you is possible. There are risks involved to be certain, there are always risks that come from doing something new and against convention.


But at the end of the day maximizing your potential will always bring about a certain level of risk. It’s up to you to take it and make it work.

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