Imagine if the seven days of the week could be described by affixing the idea of the 7 Dwarves to them. This is just a fun attempt to try and see if I can possibly nail it down for some people, so here goes:

Monday: Sleepy

Let’s face it, you’re not fully cognizant on Mondays, you barely know what’s going on aside from the automatic functions you’ve learned to perform throughout the many times you’ve made your way to your job and proceeded to repeat over, and over, and over, and…zzzzzzzz.

Tuesday: Anxious

It’s only Tuesday? It’s like Monday had a slightly more alert clone that’s constantly looking at the clock and wondering if it’s really moving or if time has somehow stopped and you’ll be stuck at work for so long that you’ll forget what it’s like to feel the fresh air that rests just beyond the front doors of your office and then oh God it’s only been twenty seconds since you checked the clock last! Why oh why does it have to be Tuesday???

Wednesday: Pissy

Whaddaya mean it’s only Wednesday?!! How hard is it to get through a week?! It’ll be okay, the first half is gone, but damn and hell if it’s not taking forever to get to the weekend. Personal motto “What are YOU lookin’ at?!!”

Thursday: Hopeful

With hands wringing every few minutes it’s hard to realize that as close as the weekend is there’s still one more day, one more shift until that blissful time when the work week will be over and the drinks will start pouring and never stop for nearly thirty-six hours. It’s almost there, almost there, almost there….

Friday: Nervy

Is it time to go yet? Is it time to go yet? I’ve been working for all of two hours and my feet are itching to get to the door so let’s get this day wrapped up and in the bag and crack a bottle. Is it time yet? It is time?

Saturday: Boozy

Yeah, woohoo, par-tay! Let the good times roll brother! Crack another one and pass it down, drinks all around. Oh yeah!

Sunday: Gloomy

Whaddaya mean I’ve gotta go to work tomorrow? Oh, stop shouting, my head….

Mind you this is usually reserved for those that don’t have kids yet, usually.

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