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The lessons left behind by each generation come at the expense of those that come after them, but are also intended to build them up. In many ways we must break down the generations that come after us so that they learn what it is like to live, to comprehend, and to fully grasp this life that they’ve been given. Very little about it is as easy as it seems, and nothing is to be taken for granted. Through the many lessons we impart it is shown that we build them up, but in making sure those lessons take hold we tear them down as well.

The easiest path in life is not the best.

Truly ruining a person is an occurrence that comes about when the future generations are left to their own devices and are not made aware of the values, rules, and inner workings of society. This tends to foster many different attitudes that vary depending on the extremes that are seen. Give a child too much without making them earn it and they will be ruined in the sense that entitlement will become their expectation, instant gratification their only true understanding of the world. Give them nothing and they might learn to be self-sufficient, how to steal, or how to simply take from someone else when they need something.

The ruination of an individual is not a hard path to tread, as it requires doing too much or not enough, thereby absolving the individual of the sense of personal responsibility that is important to the growth and development of so many.

The most difficult path is tough, but it is the most worthwhile.

Life doesn’t have to be unbearably hard, but the struggle to achieve one’s dreams and the necessity of teaching others how to value, how to work, and how to strive for the best they can be is very important. Through hard work, self-sacrifice, and an understanding of how things must be in order to maintain a healthy balance between pleasure and play, an individual can come to find that life is what they make of it.

The lessons we hand down will break down and build up the generations that exist now and those that are yet to come. How we deliver such lessons will determine how those generations learn and what they will do with the knowledge once it is time to apply it.

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