Ever watch an action movie and wonder just how hard it would be to make the weaponry that you see them using? Well quite honestly most movies use non-lethal props and have motion-capture devices that allow some of the more outrageous weapons to be digitally added, but for some weapons it simply boggles the mind as to how they’d look if they were created in real life. Man at Arms: Reforged, answers that question quite nicely. For this episode they’ve taken on the challenge of the Godkiller, Wonder Woman’s signature sword from 2017’s hit movie.

The overall design and construction is more than a little impressive since it incorporates every last piece from the movie and does everything but perform in the way that only CGI can do. From the beginning to the end of the clip the process of how this sword is made is simply impressive and one can’t help but wonder just how long it would take someone to learn the craft of weaponsmithing. The art itself isn’t nearly as prevalent as it used to be in ancient times for good reason, but the fact that some people still practice it today is pretty impressive.

The formation of the blade itself is simply awesome.

You truly have to wait and see as the blocks of metal that are initially shown make it seem as if there’s no possible way that such a beautiful sword will be able to take shape from such rudimentary materials. But upon watching the block be heated, hammered, and shaped, you get the idea that the people doing this can almost see in their mind every exact detail that needs to be incorporated into this design even before the block meets the hammer for the first time.

The details are simply unbelievable.

If you’ve watched the movie then you know that Wonder Woman’s sword, from pommel to tip, is incredibly detailed. The grip, the crosspiece, and the runes along each flat of the blade are so intricate that replicating them takes both time and precision since the people working on the blade are known for their craftsmanship and their attention to detail. While you only get to see snippets of what hey’re doing it gives enough of an idea that this type of work takes a long time and requires a steady hand when creating such wondrous detail.

Does it work? Oh yes.

These are more than just showpieces if you watch all the way to the end. While the blade seems a bit big and has to be wielded with a two-hand grip, or used in very simple movements with a one-hand grip, it is incredibly sharp and very durable as it can be seen in the clip. Anything that can slice through a carpet roll repeatedly is bound to be able to do some major damage to anything else.

The Godkiller is just one of the marvels that is featured on Man at Arms: Reforged. You’ll get to see others eventually.

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