Yuma, Arizona

November 3rd, 2020

The first time she’d done this she had envisioned a scene from the Disney animated film, The Little Mermaid. The scene had involved the main character, Ariel, singing pleasingly as the evil witch had cast a spell to steal her voice. After watching the destruction that her voice was capable of she’d almost wished that she too could make such a deal with someone, anyone, that could create an effect that would rid her of this ability. It was horrible in reality, she couldn’t shout, couldn’t so much as raise her voice in song without doing some kind of damage to someone or something.

A normal speaking voice was just fine, she could talk until her voice ran dry, but the power would always remain. Where it had come from she didn’t know, but she hated it even as she secretly loved the destruction it could cause. She’d learned the physics that should have been possible with the effect she created, and she’d seen the opposite happen, the impossible that should not have been able to occur. Right now she was kind of counting on it though.

Her voice rose, the sound waves slamming hard against the interior of the brickwork as dust and dirt began to sift downward only to somehow curl lazily back up and flow upward and outward, seeking the various passages that would normally allow smoke from an innocent fire to waft upward towards the chimney above. But this time there would be no warmth coming from within, only the piercing, overwhelming sound that was even now reverberating forcefully against the bricks, slamming again and again into the surrounding masonry and seeping beyond, into the wooden supports, shredding the insulation, and puncturing the drywall as the sharp cracking of the house breaking apart managed to reach her ears and be consumed by the devastating noise that continued to build.

She changed her pitch just enough so that she could create yet another impossible effect as the sound no longer sought to hammer straight up, but instead flowed along the passageways, its power building and building until it finally reached a point of egress wherever it found it and pushed forward. Upward was no longer the only way as chinks in the masonry and the damaged walls offered easy egress. The sound increased as she could just barely hear the sounds of screams from up above as the house began to break apart, the structure unable to take the increased pressure that her voice was causing as she could almost imagine the foundations of her home shaking all around her.

At this point Alexis could only hope that she would be able to exit what was left when she was done.

But she’d told the man that they would know what she could do when they heard her roar, and she meant to show them.

As she continued her barrage, the house finally started to give way, and only a short while later there was nothing left.

*                        *                       *

Indio, CA

November 4th, 2020

It was good to be alive, especially when your enemies though you were dead. Alexis put the pedal of her appropriated government vehicle down a little harder and drove, following the sunset as she made her way towards a new life.

The End

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