While The Silver Pen is a name that has been taken by other businesses my own site is meant to be all about the writer and the chance they need to get their words out to the readers they desire to inform, entertain, and make aware of their voice. It’s a bit difficult to shout into the winds of the virtual world when millions of others are doing so at the same time, but The Silver Pen is going to be a site that will allow writers that simply want to come and speak their minds to do so whenever they’d like.

The purpose of this sight isn’t to get rich, it’s not even to land a specific writing deal or something steady. Instead this site is geared towards making writers aware of what it takes to survive in this kind of life. If you hadn’t heard already, the life of a writer is not always the most stable.

Unless you find a job that pays by the hour and is more or less a repetitive desk job or something that will require the writer to fulfill a continual quota one’s life as a writer will be an uncertain and very free-flowing thing. Freelancers as many of us are called know this life and we know that it’s anything but certain at times. It’s a scratch and scrape job at times as a writer attempts to find whatever work is available. Once you find  work it becomes a necessity to hold onto it as much as possible and do the best job you can to keep the person paying you interested.

That’s not what this site is about.

Writing is more than just staying alive, it’s more than paying the bills, and it’s more than getting popular with readers. It’s something we do for many reasons, but one of the strongest, underlying compulsions is that we feel the need to create, to give voice to the stories inside us, and to share those stories with whoever will listen. That’s what The Silver Pen is about.

Writers that have a story to tell are always welcome here, and will be encouraged to stop on by for a spell and relay whatever story comes to mind.

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