We love our kids, don’t we? With that in mind if you’re having a hard day please, think of the following:

5:00 am

I wake up, hopefully lucid and ready for the day, and stumble off to let the dog out, feed the dog, tiptoe through the house so three sets of ears won’t hear me since the wife is at work and I’m at home facing the prospect of another day with my children, which isn’t horrible but has yet to develop for the day so it’s not always easy to expect what’s coming.

6:00 am

If luck holds out I’m still tiptoeing around and not waking anyone just yet as I enjoy a quiet breakfast and a TV show turned WAY down so as not to wake anyone. My sanity has already been placed on the dresser for safekeeping until it’s needed again and the expectation of the day to come is starting to dawn on me.

6:02 am

The first child decides to wake up and make her presence known as she demands to be let out of her crib. That’s not so bad really, she just wants to be changed and given a bottle and then possibly some breakfast so it’s a thing of ease. Then comes time to play with her for a bit and watch her roll around and it’s good.

6:05 am

The other two are up now and are either rubbing the sleep out of their eyes while they ask for cartoons or are demanding breakfast until they’re reminded that demands aren’t met in this house, but manners surely are. So they turn on the charm long enough to get what they want and then proceed to talk my ear off about matters that don’t make a lot of sense but are still fun to babble on about. Oh yes, kids are great at talking about things you won’t understand, but it’s easy enough to weather.

8:00 am to 12:30 pm

Off to work after putting the youngest down for a nap, then enduring a continual and unwavering barrage of interruptions, inane questions, and requests for things that the older two know how to get themselves but won’t because it would mean doing something they don’t want to do. Somehow work gets done, handed in, and the day goes on, but the minutes have begun to tick by and the moment when the wife comes home cannot come soon enough. (love my kids, love my kids, love my kids) Oh yes, the mantra has begun.

1:00 pm to 7:15 pm

And the ensuing chaos continues until the wife, arriving home, finally gets to take some of the pressure off of the day and spend a few moments with the kids before they’re off to bed and the night, the blessed night, is all mine until those wee hours when sleep finally threatens to take me before I can finish my work and bed down for the night.

So yes, I love my kids, but how I get anything done each day is something of a mystery even to me.

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