Does anyone still wonder why people have an issue with religion? I certainly hope not since things such as you might see in the clip above are beginning to take a toll on those that steer clear of organized religion AND those that still practice. While John Oliver might be the kind of guy that will gladly point out the glaring inaccuracies of one organization or another, he’s also spot on when it comes to the points he makes.

Why do religious leaders need to live a life of luxury?

Agreed, they should be living a comfortable life for their service to the people. The places that folks gather in should be able to be built to code and made to accommodate both structural and aesthetic design. But do they have to build cathedrals that glorify the leaders? Isn’t the whole point to glorify God and His works? Do they really need luxury airliners that cost tens of millions of dollars apiece and are essentially paid for by the very people they claim to serve? What’s wrong with taking economy class wherever they’re going?

The answers to these are kind of simple and can be summed up by saying that religious leaders seem to forget the whole idea of why they are where they are. As pious as they make themselves sound and as “good” as they appear in front of the crowd, how hard do you think some of them are laughing on their way to the bank? You might not like that image or the idea of it, but think then of the sheer audacity it must take to ask people who have so very little to reach into their pockets and give whatever they can to a church that essentially gives ‘hope and prayers’ back to them in exchange for the money that actually buys food and pays the bills that keep them fed and sheltered?

It’s kind of amusing really to think of what might happen if people stopped giving.

It won’t happen since people cling to their faith as much as a person drowning at sea will cling to the surface as much as possible. People will look to anything and anyone that can give them answers they want but don’t always need. Preachers and televangelists are quite skilled at separating people from their money in the name of God and His works, stating in so many different ways that in order for them to serve Him in the name of the people they need this, they need that, and they need huge mansions to live in and to glorify themselves with fancy titles and expensive lifestyles.

The hypocrisy of their positions is just appalling at times, but the thought of what they might have to do for a living if their supply of funds was suddenly cut off is very amusing. A great number of them might actually have to go out and WORK for a living. Wouldn’t that just be a shame?

The idea of Christianity and all it bestows upon people is all well and fine, a person’s religion is their own business. But those that seek to tell others that they serve the lord while gathering such great wealth to themselves “in the name of the lord” are a bit ridiculous, not to mention some of the biggest hypocrites that have ever spoken the word of God.

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