Yuma, Arizona

November 3rd, 2020

What she was about to do was dangerous, it might even hurt her as well as anyone in the house, but she could only hope that it would be better than being captured and tortured, perhaps tested on, perhaps just beaten to within an inch of her life. The fireplace on this level was solid, built to last, and would no doubt withstand one massive blast if it really had to. But what she was about to do was a sustained effect that would likely test its durability as well as the integrity of the house that sat around it, above it, and even below it. She wasn’t going to be using any half-measures this time, she wanted to be sure that she made the people upstairs realize just who they were messing with.

The ability she had shouldn’t have been possible outside of a comic book or a movie, and it shouldn’t have been able to be unleashed without ripping her to pieces. But she’d used it once before to massive effect and had reduced no less than three grown men to bleeding, quivering lumps of flesh as she’d caused nearly every interior organ to explode form the force she’d generated.

And it was all because of her voice.

As she positioned herself upon the hearth, laying her back half in and halt out of the fireplace, she laid down so that her face was looking up into the blackness above her. She knew where the fireplace was in the upper level, and she knew where the chimney bisected her home. It was going to be one massive explosion when her voice reached a crescendo, and it could possibly bring the house down on her. That was okay, as long is brought it down on her aggressors too she’d have done her job.

So thinking, Alexis began quietly, opening her mouth as the sound began to issue forth.

(to be concluded)

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