It’s an interesting concept when you have kids as to whether they’ll bond with one parent or the other on a more personal level. Sometimes they bond equally or not at all, but the stereotypes of “Daddy’s girl” and “Mama’s Boy” are pretty common throughout the world and have been adopted by many people as a means of explaining the ongoing dynamic between children and their parents.

So let’s get into it shall we?

What’s a Daddy’s Girl?

Essentially this is a girl that sees her father as the be-all of her world. He’s the strongest person in the family, he’s the one to look up to, and he’s the one she’ll go to when she has a question, a problem, or anything she needs solved. This type generally won’t exclude other family members but she will quite honestly look to daddy for a lot of things in her life first and foremost since she considers him to be the authority on a lot of things.

The one thing that seems to be felt about a lot of daddy’s girls is that they’re either very rough and tumble since they prefer to be around their father’s more often or they’re allowed to get away with being pampered and a little spoiled. Those are two extremes of course, but this is typically what’s described by many people in terms of defining the stereotype.

What’s a Mama’s Boy?

This one has a few more negative connotations to it thanks to society but just like it sounds, this is a boy that clings to his mother and looks to her for most things in his life. It’s not at all unhealthy for a boy to want to spend time with his mother and be around her, but society seems to impose a stigma upon boys that don’t want to be rough, a little more aloof, and act more like ‘guys’, which could mean a lot of things really. Mama’s boys are often ridiculed and made to appear weak simply because they enjoy spending time around a woman, even if she is their mom.

The belief that a mama’s boy is weak or in any way a lesser man than anyone else is obviously false. Some of them might not be as rough around the edges but that’s hardly a bad thing. While it’s important to have a strong male role model in the lives of both boys and girls, society tends to make some folks think that spending too much time around women can soften a young boy up and not allow him to mature as he needs to be in order to become a man.

The truth.

These stereotypes can occur naturally or can be pushed by those that believe in them and want to use them. In truth whoever a child bonds with can depend largely on who spends the most time with them. For instance there is no such thing as one or the other stereotype when dealing with a gay household or a home in which a child is under the care of a guardian or other relative. In such cases they can become just as attached and not have to worry about such labels.

But there is a note of pride in the labels if one doesn’t take them too seriously, as it indicates that parents are doing something right if their child labels themselves in such a manner, lovingly and without being too serious of course.

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