Yes, it has become a thing to engage in Cowboy Jousting, a sport that is just barely that considering that it does involve physical activity and some skill, that offers the competitors yet another way to harm one another in a manner that some might say is kind of foolish. There are plenty of arguments to enter into when considering the danger of this activity versus professional sports however, so let’s shut those down at this moment.

Dangerous sports

Jousting-Yes it’s dangerous as you’re astride a charging horse and carrying a lance that’s meant to break upon or force your opponent off of their horse and onto the ground. It can cause serious trauma and in the old days could even lead to death if an injured rider went untreated. But let’s back that up for a moment by saying that they were WEARING ARMOR. Even those that reenact jousts to this day wear padding and use safety protocols that don’t allow for any truly grievous injury.

Football-One of the most prevalent on the list, this sport is known for its dearth of injuries that can cause long-lasting effects. But once again, the athletes are wearing helmets, pads, and are instructed on how to hit one another so that injury is not as common. Injuries still occur, but more often than not they’re byproducts of an accident, not something that was being done on purpose.

Basketball-The object of the game isn’t to strike or ensnare one’s opponents but to get around them, so injury in this game is the result of an accident more likely than not and won’t be caused by a purposeful act.

I could go on and on about how some sports are so inherently dangerous but Cowboy Jousting would still lose out since it’s inherently dangerous, and here’s why:

Two individuals are running at one another with lassos twirling, each of them trying to pick their spot as they attempt to lasso the other. If they’re lucky, or unlucky, they’ll miss or their lassos will become tied up and there will be no injury to either of them.

But if they manage to hit their target there’s a good chance that the lasso can go around a limb or worse, the neck of their opponent, at which point running past would only increase the tension and the risk of seriously harming the other person. Dislocations, broken bones, and other various trauma could possibly be suffered by this act and quite honestly a rope going around your neck and then being yanked could cause either paralysis or death very easily.

As a trend this ‘sport’ is not something that needs to gain any traction unless it begins to incorporate some serious safety regulations, and even then it would seem like something that should be left on the drawing board for a while until the creators come to their senses.

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