Moda Center

Portland, OR

July 23rd, 2020

Kaitlin Jade cracked her neck lightly from one side to the other as she stood backstage, waiting for the current band to wrap up their set. She’d dispelled the latest case of nerves as nothing more than the same jitters she’d always gotten before stepping in front of so many people. It had happened early on in her film career as Jaymie Bluevine and it had happened now as Kaitlin Jade. At this point in her life it was something she was quite used to, but she knew that people were at least trying to make the connection between her and the previous life she’d left behind. Without any family aside from Nico and his wife and kids though, who had been extremely supportive, there was really no one that could make the legal connection since she and Nico had covered her tracks far too well.

“You look about as nervous as you were the first time you went on stage,” said her agent and best friend, standing off to her right. Nico had hardly any other clients at this time, in fact he didn’t really need much more than her since Kaitlin Jade was a household name at this point, which was phenomenal since she was less than a year into her meteoric rise from nowhere.

“I’m following Evanescence,” she said plainly, “Of course I’m nervous.”

“Amy’s going to be onstage with you,” Nico said, “That should help.”

Amy was the lead singer of the band currently onstage, belting out hauntingly powerful chords and engaging the entire crowd as they sang along with her. Kaitlin knew very well that they would do the same with her since her song “Painted Actress” had been thoroughly embraced since it’s release only two months prior and was especially loved since it had to do with the life that she’d left behind, the life that belonged to someone else as far as anyone was concerned.

The media and several comedians had gone out of their way to try to make the connections, but barring a DNA test, which would be nearly impossible to obtain without a court order, no one was going to discover just who she was. After all, Jaymie Bluevine had been a very private person despite being loved by so many. And despite not altering her appearance she’d always possessed the kind of features that were easily mistaken for other people, so it was a thing of ease to pass herself off as someone else. She’d once walked into a Starbucks sans makeup with a ballcap and her street clothes on and no one had known who she was, despite the fact that she’d been one of the hottest stars of the decade.

Sometimes it was good to go unnoticed, your mobility increased almost exponentially.

As the band wrapped up their final song Nico nudged her slightly, pointing out to the stage where Amy Lee, dark hair flying as she whipped her head to the side, beckoned for Kaitlin to come out. Sighing to herself with a smile she didn’t even fight as Nico mimed pushing her forward, a big smile on his face as well.

It was time to shine again.

(to be continued)

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