Whether it’s a hoax, something blown up and out of proportion by the media, or something else entirely, the desire of pedophiles to be united with the LGBTQ community is something that really doesn’t need to happen. The mere thought that anyone that looks at a child with anything resembling lust or even admits that they’re attracted children is fairly sickening, but the idea that they might want the act to become something understood and accepted by any facet of society is more than absurd, it’s a death sentence waiting to happen.

The LGBTQ community is not having it.

Can you blame them? The community has had to deal with people linking them to pedophiles for quite some time now when in truth nothing could be further from the truth. The LGBTQ community is not in any way supportive of pedophiles and have made it loud and clear that they’re not willing to accept such individuals as part of their communities any more than anyone else is. The act of normalizing pedophilia and treating it either as a disease or as something that is quite natural has become the bane of many a parent and child in recent years as pedophiles have been making a case to be heard for their beliefs.

Trouble on the horizon.

The reason it might be a hoax or just a ploy by the media to stir up trouble is that to really be noticed pedophiles would have to gather in numbers and possibly announce themselves to the public. As some of them might already be labeled as sex offenders it could be that they’re already known, and further exposing themselves could be highly dangerous. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to defend pedophiles, but mass murders in the streets (yes it’s over-dramatic but bear with me) wouldn’t be the best idea, as this is something that many people might envision should pedophiles be given the kind of consideration they’re wanting. NAMbLA was already a fiasco as it was highly criticized despite the fact that it was protected by the First Amendment and those joining couldn’t be prosecuted until they’d actually molested a child.

But if pedophiles keep pushing for equal treatment then they’ll have to realize that people that don’t hold with their beliefs are going to push back even harder than those that pushed back against the LGBTQ community for so long, and still do unfortunately.

The difference? The LGBTQ community are typically consenting adults or kids that are coming out and need support, not adults that are seeking the opportunity to love children in a consensual and adult manner. So anyone wondering why the hatred for pedophiles is so much greater needs to realize this big, glaring difference.


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