Road rage is one thing and it’s bad enough when two people go at it, but this seems like something worse. As you watch the clip you should at least feel your eyes widen a bit as the guy that finally walks off reaches into the other guy’s car to grab something before taking off and getting in his own car.

Did he get his keys?

It seems that way. So now the guy didn’t get to finish the fight AND he’s stranded on the road with a bunch of drivers behind that will no doubt be getting severely impatient if they’re not there already. Ever been on the freeway or the highway or just anywhere when someone seems to have forgotten how to move their car forward? Ever seen when you get closer that their car is somehow incapacitated and they simply can’t move? It kind of makes you feel like a jerk for anything you might have said or thought, but in this case you can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for the guy that lost his keys since it just gets worse.

Scrape ’em off.

When the guy goes after the individual that got his keys that person is already starting to pull away and instead of just gunning it and losing the guy they decide to come as close to committing vehicular manslaughter as they can by peeling the pursuer off the car in a collision that sent the guy flying upward and then crashing back to the ground. From the angle and the shot you would have thought that the guy would be down for the count, but he got right back up and started moving around. Of course if the guy really got his keys then he’s going to have to call AAA, unless of course he needs to call a doctor first. That was a pretty nasty shot.

Road rage is satisfying for all of a moment but the ramifications can be huge.

Your blood can boil, you can get frustrated, and being stuck in traffic or having to deal with other drivers can be nerve-wracking at times. Shouting out the window at them is one thing, but the moment it escalates it has the potential to become assault that can lead to criminal charges if someone, anyone, gets your license plate number, description, or anything that can be used to track you down.

Road rage isn’t worth it, think about that before you jump out of the car and act the fool.

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