We can dial it back a bit even though writing does in fact have something to do with just about everything within society. It’s better to be humble and remind those that think of writing as ‘just putting down words’ that it’s not for everyone. Sure, you can learn how to write, you can get pretty good at it too. But calling it a useless skill is kind of like saying that you don’t need any coordination to walk down the street.

Writing is a great skill to have and one that everyone needs to some extent since it’s something you’ll probably be doing each and every day at some point. Even if you don’t, you’ll be doing it at some point and the skill will be nice to have. Now if you’re one of the many that don’t see writing as a big deal then perhaps you’d like to take the chance to dial it back and take a really good look at just what it is that writers do for society. From simple articles to TV shows to movies to the news to those stirring speeches that our current POTUS gives (just imagine the sarcasm) writers are responsible for giving voice to a wide array of ideas that are meant to be conveyed to the populace in an effort to get a point across.

Try and name a few things that can be done completely without writing. No challenge, just think of it. Chances are you’ll come up with a few things, but not too many.

One way or another, writing is one of the building foundations of human history.


It doesn’t matter if it’s through pictographs or some obscure language we can’t understand, it all equates to writing. After spoken history came written history, and it wasn’t much of a jump. Human beings have been writing for centuries now, jotting down one thing after another that they think is important and in many cases truly is. To call writing, or writers by extension, useless and pointless is kind of an odd thing to do since the obvious truth is that WRITERS CONTROL OUR HISTORY.

Don’t think so? Take any historical text and just pore through it. How much of it do you believe? Writers control the flow of history through their words, and are far more influential than people would ever seem to think. But thankfully we’re a great deal more humble on a regular basis as well. Great men and women might speak the words, but it’s the writers that allow them to be remembered.

Think about that for a while, it might open up such interesting avenues of thought.

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