Seaside, OR

February 27th, 2020

“And no one knows where she came from?”

“Nope,” Nico said, shaking his head, “No one. She just showed up in Seaside one day and asked if she could start singing. That was earlier this month, and already people have been lined up trying to sign her.”

“And how did you luck out?” There was a bit of skepticism in the other man’s voice, but Nico had expected that, and was very easy to stick to the story.

So he shrugged and replied, “I was made aware of her when she started singing. I scouted her as much as the next guy. She had her pick and for some reason she chose me.”

“Has she said why?”

“Well, she’s spent the last week talking to a bunch of us from all over the west coast, those that were able to bother coming this far. I guess I made the best pitch.”

“And since signing with you she hasn’t said where she was from,” the man said with clear disbelief, “I find that hard to believe and a little shady for my liking.”

“She said she’s from around the northwest, but I didn’t press. I figure she’ll tell me when she wants to. Until then I’m feeling pretty lucky that anyone wants to sign with me again.”

“Yeah,” the man scoffed, “It’s not every agent that loses a client without being fired.”

“Okay,” Nico said, waving his hands in the air as he detached the mike from the front of his shirt, “I told you once and even twice what I would and wouldn’t put up with, and you just crossed the line again. This is done.”

The other man sputtered and tried to get Nico to calm down and take a seat, but Nico wasn’t having it. It was bad enough he’d agreed to go along with this plan and he knew it shouldn’t get under his skin this much, but it did anyway.

“Hey c’mon man I didn’t mean it,” the DJ said, trying to calm the situation down. Nico was already on his way towards the door however, not even looking back, “Hey man we’ve still got another twenty minutes!”

“Then do what you do best and blow some more hot air at the listeners,” Nico called back, shutting the door behind him as he kept going. He didn’t stop until he was outside of the radio station, KSWB Gold, and headed up the street towards the spot where he told his ‘client’ that he would meet her. Once he got there, it wasn’t far, he was already smiling as he saw Jaymie, or rather Kaitlin, leaning against a lamppost and strumming the guitar in her hands as she turned around.

“How’d it go?” she asked as he came to stand next to her.

“Like clockwork,” he said with a grin, looking around. It didn’t take much to see the few reporters that were salted around the town, cameras busily snapping photos of empty streets and flowerbeds that wouldn’t be in full bloom for another couple months at least. The press was having a field day with his new client and the headlines had just now started creeping in about this woman with the golden voice that had appeared out of who-knew-where.  “Ready for the next step?” he asked.

It was her turn to grin as she strummed another chord.

(to be continued)

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