Said Order to Chaos, “We must contain the flow, this world is not enough to stem the conflict we’ve let grow.”

Chaos grins and picks its teeth, using a piece of wood to scrape them clean, “You failed to keep to your borders is what you mean.”

“No!” cried Order, “Never that, it isn’t true! I maintained everything I needed, including you!”

Chaos laughed and crunched the wood between sharp, flat, and misshapen teeth, “Ha! My boundaries go where I please, I know no bounds, it’s your influence that has leaked!”

Order shook its head, denied, and glared in turn. Would that its fiery stare was enough to make Chaos burn!

“I seek to remedy this,” Order growled through clenched and grinding jaw, “Your touch has grown too far, you have circumvented the law!”

“What law?” laughed Chaos, “Yours or mine? I did as nature bound me to, my laws are just as divine.”


“Cease, desist, and stop this now I demand,” Order shouted, but Chaos just scoffed at the reprimand.

“You can’t control me, nor I you,” Chaos said with a wicked grin, “Yet every action we take, every move that is made, there will always be us two. I am the madness you see, spreading to and fro, and wherever my insanity is, you are sure to go.”

Order squared its shoulders, rising tall, and stared down its forever-mate, for it knew  the Choas it would forever love, and still forever hate.

-another flight of whimsy by Tom Foster.

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