Yuma, Arizona

November 3rd, 2020

There was plenty about this house that she knew about that she was betting they didn’t, but her timing would have to be just right. She had to carry her bag with her too, since what she was planning and what she figured that that they might do didn’t seem to indicate that the house would be surviving their best efforts. She certainly wasn’t going to hold back now that her family was gone, there was no need with this bunch. They were here to detain or kill her, so it was only right that she return the favor as best she could.

The calm, detached way she’d gone about killing the man by the pond and then the man in her home didn’t unnerve her in the least bit, but she felt as though it should have. As she made her way down the hall, turning right this time instead of left, she could only think that survival was a funny thing, it made a human being shut down certain portions of their brain and focus only on what came next as it pertained to staying alive. That was how she was rationalizing it anyway. She didn’t want to think that she’d become a stone cold killer overnight.

She heard the front door being kicked open as wood splintered and glass broke, scattering over the tiled foyer and no doubt skittering as far as the living room carpet off to the left. Her mother would have been furious had she seen such a thing. That thought almost made her giggle, but she held it in.

“Man down!” she heard someone call out, “You two up the stairs, the rest of you cover the first floor. There’s got to be a basement here somewhere, start checking for hidden doorways and keep your eyes peeled.”

It was time to move. Padding the rest of the way down the hall she remained as silent as she could, listening intently as she heard two sets of footsteps pound up the stairway. They stopped when they reached the body and she could hear them talking.

“Damn man, she ripped his balls off,” the first speaker said in a low voice, “What the hell are we after?”

“Zip it up,” the second speaker said, “Take the left side I’ll take the right,”. That meant they were going to be on her at any moment. This prompted Alexis to make her way into the master bedroom with all haste, still being quiet as she could as her sneakers barely shushed against the carpet. She still heard her pursuers stop as one of them spoke.

“You hear that?”

“No, what?”

“It sounded like someone moving.”

Alexis got up on the balls of her feet as she slipped over to the far side of the room, finding the panel set into the wall by her parents’ shared armoire as she pressed the button that would allow the fake section to slide away. She had a new idea at that moment as she kept listening for the people down the hallway, pressing the button again as she clambered into the shaft beyond. The panel slid shut with an audible snapping sound, and she could just barely hear the people in the hall as they began to move in her direction.

“Got her!” one of them called out.

(to be continued)

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