Often this is an argument that falls on deaf ears since it tends to annoy some and anger others. But animals, be they pets or those found in the wild, are quite easily better than humans in many ways. Physically they’re better since quite often they’re stronger, faster, and have senses that the average human couldn’t hope to match. But they are also far more noble, compassionate, and understanding than many humans in this world.

Why would this be?

They have to be. It’s their nature. Animals understand that to survive, to thrive, and to move ahead in the world there are certain tenets of life that have to be followed without question. They don’t often have the luxury of ego unless it’s bred into them, they aren’t given the choice to be anything but efficient when it comes to survival. This means a number of things, but it means caring for their young, protecting their mates, and showing compassion towards others in an effort to survive.

Animals in the wild typically exhibit this towards their own species, but those raised in captivity tend to show a very big attachment to those that they depend on and even to other animals at times, eschewing the need to discriminate between species so that they might show affection towards whoever they desire.

The animal kingdom is by far a better place as the only real fights that occur are for dominance to establish a set order and for resources. Wars among different animals are not a thing.

Animals can be much, much worse than humans too.

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Animals in the wild, and even pets, are bound by their nature. While pets and animals in captivity might experience a desired shift in their behavior they will always be bound by genetics, and deep in their genes is the propensity for great violence and what humans see as cruelty to others of their kind and to those of other species. While animals don’t typically hunt or stalk other animals for anything but food, they are particularly vicious because of their nature, and to humans this bestial display that is seen is quite savage.

Yet still, animals are better than us in many ways because they embrace their nature, they don’t use it to justify the horrible things that must happen for their survival. When was the last time you saw a wolf apologizing for killing their prey because they threatened the wolf’s established territory?

Yeah, I know, but it felt good to write.

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