Rockaway Beach, OR

February 4th, 2020

It was a couple of months after the ‘accident’ in which star actress Jaymie Bluevein had been killed and presumed lost at sea despite a desperate search to find her body, a search that had continued for nearly a month before it had been called off. She still remembered every vivid detail of the day, the look on Dylan’s face when she’d ‘accidentally’ bumped into the throttle when trying to make her way from the helm to where he stood in the middle of the boat to perform the kissing scene. The Twin Rocks had been just behind him, but the ‘accident’ that had occurred had seen her turn the wheel until the craft was more or less on a collision course that couldn’t be avoided as she’d then fumbled in her seat, acting like a teenager that had just gone through a rather difficult growth spurt and was learning how to use their limbs again.

Dylan had called her every foul name in the book he could think of at that point as he’d tried to regain control of the boat and turn them around. But she’d done her job and made sure that they were close enough that this couldn’t happen. The director had taken her advice that being as close to the rocks as possible without risking their safety would be a great shot. The only danger had been jumping out of the boat in time, and she’d done just fine. Dylan, as she’d learned, had managed to save his own ass without giving a single thought to her, which had earned him a great deal of criticism since the incident.

“It doesn’t matter how much time passes with tragedies, they’re still hard to hear about,” Nico said, lounging in a recliner behind her as Jaymie continued to watch one of the many entertainment shows that had decided to run a ‘special episode’ just to commemorate her memory. She should have been touched, but in reality it was all about the ratings for these shows and nothing about truly honoring the dead.

They couldn’t care less if she was dead, putting her face up on their screens was just good publicity.

“This was needed Nico.”

“I know,” he said with a sigh, “And I’m with you one hundred percent. But you know how hard that is to hear and to watch.”

She nodded, “I know.” Looking back to where he was lounging she asked, “So your wife and the girls have said nothing?”

“Not a peep.”

She nodded. It was nice being able to trust someone, especially since her own parents had never been much of a prize when they’d been alive. Nico had been her agent for most of her life now, and had taken care of her when her parents had been killed in a drunk-driving incident nearly two decades back. She’d been just a teenager at that time, and in truth she had grown up around Nico and his family since he’d become her guardian as well as her agent at that point. He’d been the only family she’d known.

“I suppose it’s time to put the next phase into motion then,” she said with a sigh.

Nico just smiled.

(to be continued)

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