Imagination is the greatest tool that any writer, artist, or human being could ever possess because it is limitless, it has no set boundaries, and it is as deep as the mind of the person who wields it. Granted, some people don’t have much of an imagination largely because they don’t exercise it, don’t know how, and quite possibly would rather keep their feet on the ground, metaphorically and literally. Don’t worry over those folks, they likely still enjoy the imaginings of others but won’t admit that they have their own thoughts rattling around in their heads about what they’d like to do, to see, and to experience in their own lives.

Imagination is contagious after all, the moment someone sees something they can’t help but think of what they might like to do with it, what they could do with it, and what might be possible. All thinking might not be imagination, but all imagination does come from thinking, at least in part.

The sky isn’t the limit remember, it’s just the view.


Your imagination isn’t bound by anything. There is no need for logic unless you deem it to be so, and there is no horizon unless you make one to find. Within the scope of one’s imagination there are literally no limits, no boundaries that should hamper you or slow you down. The moment you can imagine something it becomes real in your mind. Even if it doesn’t translate to the world in which you live, it will remain in the world you envision, because it is yours.

Even the strongest imaginations don’t begin as much.


If a small spark can start a fire, then the nurturing of that spark can create a blaze of wonderment that is the landscape of your own imagination, burning brightly within the depths of your mind where the eye can see as you explore new worlds that exist within your head and are waiting to get out. Let that bonfire roar within your mind as you imagine the lengths to which a tale can go, taking in the inspiration it brings and the spectacle it will create for others to follow as their imaginations are sparked by what you’ve done.

No matter how big or small, the power one’s imagination is enough to make the world turn. Use it well.

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