Teens have been prone to being a problem for older folks for a long time now, and while it’s no valid excuse for anything that they do it’s still nothing new either. This incident that occurred recently proves that while some kids are taught to respect others and to mind their manners out in public, to a degree, there are still some that either aren’t taught the basic idea of respecting their fellow human beings or simply don’t care for their own reasons.

The story goes that the woman in the clip was suffering a breakdown and in response to her shouting at them after being ridiculed by the teens the woman was pelted with eggs and covered in flour. You can imagine that she was rightfully frightened and more than a little distressed by this as you can see her cowering in the clip above. What’s worse than this however, for the moment, is that the boys felt it necessary to take a group picture with them flashing signs as they stood behind the bench on which the woman was huddled, still terrified no doubt as she was attempting to just cower and hope that they went away.

Oh but it gets better.

The boys’s names were discovered and released and from that point on it was a complete hate-fest with hundreds if not thousands of people verbally bashing and attacking them online. Normally I wouldn’t condone hatred or verbal assaults of any kind, and in this case there is still a line that doesn’t need to be crossed, but these boys did in fact make their bed and should be forced to lie in it at this point.

While they were arrested they were also bailed out. The father of one of them apparently saw the inherent wrongness of this and marched his son to the police station to confess before grounding him indefinitely. As for the others, their parents have been heard to make one excuse after another for them as they try to impress upon those on social media that these are good boys that made a mistake.

The public isn’t buying it though.

Does anyone blame them at this point? If this were to happen to anyone else’s relative many people would have flown off the hook and demanded nothing less than incarceration with the stipulation that the boys’ fellow inmates be told exactly what they’d done to land themselves in jail. From that point it would be up to the first individual to have an issue with any young buck that would dare to assault a woman in any way and the boys would soon learn the full meaning of assault, battery, and shame.

As it is their names are being driven through the mud full force as people on social media have been making all types of threats, enough so that the mother of one of the boys has asked for police security. Imagine that, a teen helps to assault a woman and now he gets to cower behind the cops. It’s too bad the woman he helped to terrorize didn’t have anyone to stand in front of her to dissuade him and his buddies.

The kid’s mother is even worried that continued threats will ruin his upcoming 16th birthday party. Really?

The kid assaults a woman and he still gets a party? Judging by the reaction of those on social media and the fact that his name has been put into the wind he’s lucky he gets to turn 16 at this point.

This is why we’re hard on our kids, this is why we’re demanding at times. It’s not to be mean, it’s not to be cruel, it’s to teach them that as hard as it might be sometimes, compassion for others is important, and it’s vital to learning what it means to be a real human being.

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