Yuma, Arizona

November 3rd, 2020

She was about to descend the staircase, bag in hand, as she heard a tinny voice coming from the man she’d just executed. Her heart did a quick skip as she felt her nails harden again, thinking he still had a bit of life left in him and was raising his pistol towards her. But no, he was still very dead. It was the earpiece she could see now dangling from just over his right ear, the voice was coming from the bud at the end of the wire. Walking softly towards the staring, glassy-eyed corpse she knelt down, plucking the bud and wire from where was nestled behind his ear and listening intently.

“-you there man? Sound off. The back is clear, she hasn’t come out and we’ve got it covered. Sound off Marcus.”

She debated her next action for a moment, thinking that it would be foolish to go one way and yet believing that it would be stupid to try and get away at this point if the house was indeed covered from all angles. She had to wonder though if they knew every inch of this house or if the people that were coming after her were going in blind. Seeing as how they hadn’t managed to apprehend her so easily yet it seemed that they might have assumed she’d be easy to take out, and possibly wouldn’t know how this place had been designed. Her father, being a bit paranoid, had designed the plans himself and done a great deal of the work.

There was little way of knowing how deep their knowledge went however, so she decided to risk it.

“How many of you are there?” she asked, speaking directly into the ear bud. She didn’t know if there was another device that would convey her voice to the speaker, nor did she want to touch the dead man any more than she had to, but as the voice came back over the speaker she smiled faintly at the threat the man leveled her way.

“Who is this? Identify yourself or we’re coming in hot. If this is who I think it is then be advised, we’ve been ordered to detain you with extreme prejudice if need be. Come out now and there won’t be any need for that.”

“Your friend is dead,” she said calmly, “and if you persist, you and whoever else is out there will soon join him.”

She heard a chuckle over the line, then the man came back with “Listen to me you little brat, you either come out now or we come in firing. Understand? You don’t have a chance in hell of surviving, so make it easy for all of us, including yourself.”

Alexis chuckled in turn, “I’ve already taken down one squad. How many more will your employer be sending?” This bravado was not faked, she was feeling stronger now than she ever had, but she knew the next few moments were going to be the most decisive. She was going to have to play this just right.

“As many as it takes honey,” the man said, “What makes you think you can take us down now that we know more about you?”

She grinned a little wider, “When you hear me roar, you’ll understand.”

With that she stood up, dropping the ear bud before using her heel to crush it into the carpet. She felt it snap as the shift occurred within her body, strengthening her limbs and sharpening her every sense as she could hear the people outside now, the clicks and snaps of their weapons being locked and loaded, their footsteps as they approached the house. She could even hear the man outside speaking to the others as he directed them to cover the exits.

It was time to play.

(to be continued)

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