Throughout his presidency thus far Trump has been known to be highly controversial and has said things and done things that have grated on peoples’ nerves and made them cry out for impeachment and a removal of a president that has been seen as an unbalanced embarrassment to the country. No matter who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong the man has proven that he’s less than acceptable many times when it come to the office holds, and yet there is a definite danger that comes with impeachment. If he is forced to step down, as many people want and are continuing to push for, Mike Pence is next in line.

Why would that be a bad thing you ask? Well to be honest Trump is a wild force that says and does things that people don’t fully expect, but so far he’s been harmless in his madness. People don’t take him as seriously as he wants them to as his actions and his words seem like those of a spoiled child attempting to get their way. Pence on the other hand seems like a predator just waiting to lunge, and a patient one at that. Such description might seem a bit harsh, but given his stance on how to operate and how much religion will seem to factor into it there seems to be a storm lurking on the horizon when it comes to the likelihood that he could take office.

Could Pence really be worse?


Whether he’s planned it this way or he’s so dogmatically clueless as to think that Trump is actually a great decision for America in the long-run, Pence is no doubt wondering at this very moment just whether he’s going to get his shot at the oval office or not. He might not be a Frances Underwood from House of Cards, but he’s not too far from the mark either. He’s one of those increasingly rare politicians that sticks to the script and is very determined in his goals when it comes to getting things done. That should be an overall good thing to be honest, but it breaks down pretty quickly when you consider that as straightforward as he’ll be, his presidency could be mired in just as much controversy, though in a very different way.

Mike Pence is quite religious and relies on his religious beliefs. That’s great, that’s wonderful for him that he has something to believe in and something to hold to. But attempting to indoctrinate a country in which many faiths and religions have come together and state that his is the most important and this the policies that he feels go along with ‘traditional Christian values’ is what we’d be looking forward to.

Impeaching Trump would be akin to the feeling that you get when you scratch an itch, but allowing Pence into the White House seems like it would be the burning sensation that comes slowly but surely after the few moments of pleasure.

Would the ends justify the means then?

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