Rockaway Beach, OR

October 23rd, 2019

A couple of hours later they were on the speedboat that would be used to film the big escape scene which would culminate in the kiss that Jaymie was dreading. Dylan was already looking at her in an almost pervy manner, making kissy faces at her when he thought no one else was looking. It was odd, but after the Weinstein scandal he still believed he could get away with stuff like this. Even if that had been a couple years back it was still a big issue that kept most guys from acting like total douches.

They were only a short distance from the Twin Rocks, perhaps two to three hundred yards, but the scene was supposed to see them cruise by the rocks at moderate speed as the bad guys chasing them would be real enough for the first several seconds and would then be given a wonderfully messy CGI death. Even using the rocks for a backdrop had come with a great deal of red tape and ‘friendly’ warnings about what would happen if they were damaged in any way, so it was with extreme caution that their director was overseeing this part of the project.

That was why everything had to be as exact as possible, and so far as she’d seen the preparations had been made without anyone being the wiser. The players were all set, the right pieces had been moved off the board, and it was time to rock.

“We only get one turn at this,” the director said into his megaphone, his voice blasting across the waves that lapped at the sides of the charter boat he’d hired for the duration of this scene, “So Dylan, Jaymie, please, kiss and make up just this one more time and we’ll call it a wrap, yeah?”

Jaymie rolled her eyes as she turned around to regard the rocks, turning back with a smile on her face and a thumbs up sign as the director smiled and waved. There was only a short distance of fifty to sixty feet between their boats, but it was more than enough for her plan to go off.

“Ready to see what you’ve been missing?” Dylan said, lounging in the passenger seat of the jet boat they were currently in. The craft was going to be remote-operated to make it look like Dylan was driving, but of course the remote that was supposed to be operating this craft had been supplanted already. It was just too bad that she was the only one that knew this.

“Judging by the length of your last relationship I’m not missing much,” she said in return, smiling sweetly as Dylan’s face pulled into a scowl. It was so much sweeter to joust with him when she managed to hit a nerve. In fact part of her hope that what happened next left him traumatized for some time to come.

“And, action!”

(to be continued)

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