This is not an attack on religion no matter what it might seem like. I felt the need to get that out just so people might hold their bias for just a moment as they continue to read. Religion is not a bad thing when it’s practiced in a way that doesn’t harm or actively seek to tell people how to live their lives in a way that violates their personal beliefs or forces them to doubt who they are. Those that truly practice their religion are those that will tolerate, understand, and comprehend the differences between human beings and allow them to live as they wish, without judgment.

But the habit of religion is that far too often people will fall into the trap of believing whatever their religion tells them concerning life, other people, and the sins that are committed each and every day. Think about it for a moment, we sin multiple times a day according to the old scriptures, and many of us, even if we’re not aware, don’t seek the penance that might be demanded by the very religion that’s being clung to. Habit within religion is to keep telling oneself the old stories, to keep clinging to the ideals of that religion, and to go through the motions when it’s desired. Many people cling to religion out of habit and necessity rather than a true love for the religion and its ways.

There are many habits within religion that make very little sense some folks.

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The wealth of religious leaders and the money poured into religious institutions is just one habit of the billions of followers that is confusing, but it is also one of the most noticeable. You tend to see all sorts of religious leaders that have nice big homes, luxury-filled lifestyles, and churches that are grander than most homes of the parishioners that attend them, and you simply have to wonder how such a thing can come to be when the religions that they serve are based upon such simple precepts. Wealth is not a guiding principle of religion, is it?

Yet for all that, the habit to give over money to a religious cause seems to be one that people can never shake. The idea of giving so much and allowing religious figures to live in luxury, far removed from the people that look upon them with such adoration, is a habit that seems bound to ruin many people while it also continues to ruin the reputation of the religion that it supposedly serves.

A lot of people like to quote the Holy Bible, so here’s one they hopefully know.


Sure it might be taken out of context, but it does highlight the idea that religion is a habit, and one that many people have opted to fall into for centuries and even millennia now. The disturbing part is that religion has, in some way, always been a part of humanity, a habit that is formed from the need to rationalize the world around us and how things work the way they do.

Wait, that sounds like a lead-in to science too…..

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