Yuma, Arizona

November 3rd, 2020

Alexis listened very carefully, stilling her heartbeat as much as she could while the intruder in her home went from the foyer to the living room, his feet, she was assuming he was male, scuffing lightly upon the tile floor before shushing on the plush carpet her mother had wanted so badly. She could hear him checking behind furniture, checking around corners, and then moving into the wide open kitchen, his steps once more becoming louder to her ears as he checked once again behind some areas and around corners.

Her home was larger than most around this area but it was still not large enough. If she attempted to dash downstairs and into the garage she’d make far too much noise and would be detected without any difficulty. But if she were to take out this single individual…

It was a thought she didn’t care for since she’d already killed a man just recently, but those that were after her had orders to terminate with extreme prejudice as she’d heard one man say upon discovering her brother hiding in his room. Her family hadn’t even been safe, so there was no way they were going to let her go unharmed. They were on a seek and destroy mission as far as she was concerned.

She heard the beep of a radio as the man downstairs spoke. Listening intently she craned her neck just far enough to hear what was being said.

“Bottom level’s clear, anything going on outside?”

She couldn’t hear the reply, meaning that it could have been transmitted via an earpiece or perhaps the speaker was simply talking too quietly, but as the man downstairs answered she felt her blood calm and her heartbeat even out as a plan came to mind. It was simple, it was brutal, but it was what she had at the moment.

“Roger that,” the man said, “Checking the second level now.”

Alexis picked up her bag and moved around the corner, effectively hiding herself away from the staircase as she crouched down, listening as the man ascended the stairs slowly, cautiously, no doubt holding a gun and ready to use it on anything that came his way. She waited as he made his way to the balcony, then made his way down the hall, to where she waited to the left, just out of his sight around the corner. She remained crouched, hoping that he wouldn’t come barreling around the corner ready to fire. Luck was with her however as he came walking forward into the next hall without looking down, or even looking her direction.

She felt her fingernails harden again as her teeth grew pointed within her mouth. There was no finesse to what she was about to do, but to tell the truth she didn’t feel it was necessary. Even as she was reaching up and between his legs with her right she was reaching up and around to his throat with her left. Both hands came away with great hunks of flesh as she dug her nails in and ripped, but her right was by far laden with the most disgusting handful. It was silent, that was the point.

Tossing the bloody gobs of flesh to the floor she wiped her hands on the dead man’s shirt as much as she could, leaving great red smears all over his body as his blood began to seep into the hallway carpet, his body bucking once, then twice as his precious fluids began to pool beneath him.

She didn’t care, she was already stepping over him on her way to the stairs. It was time to go.

(to be continued)

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