We say things in haste, we say them based on emotion, and at times we say things that we’d like to take back. Wishing death upon someone however is one of the worst fates that anyone could possibly desire, and it leaves a very lasting mark upon the soul. Death comes for all of us at one point after all, but wishing that the reaper would take its due with anyone before their time is a crime against one’s own species that might not suffer any punishment in the mortal world, but will be noticed and tallied by something we can’t see or even understand.

The scope of humanity is noticed by something, no matter what you’d like to call it.

Call it karma, call it God, call it simple fate that watches over our lives and permeates every last thing we do, say, and think, this force takes into account everything and bases much upon what we do and say among others. Death, that strange and awe-inspiring force that so many fear, is not discriminatory in who it takes, nor is it picky about the souls that are dimmed and stolen away when it’s their time.

But it doesn’t need any help when it comes to doing its job. Wishing for the death of another is a karmic thought that harms the perpetrator more than their intended target. It is the individual that wishes for the death of another, or desires it in some perverse way, that must live with this poisonous thought and therefore let it fester within their body and mind until it is finally released or is allowed to drive them to action, or drive them mad.

Don’t wish for death for anyone.

-it was late, hot, and I was feeling whimsical.

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