For a long, long time now, human beings have had to grow and adapt to a world that is more aggressive towards anything living than we could ever be to each other. The right of our generation and many before us and many that will come after us has been hard-won by evolutionary shifts that have allowed us to become more and more resilient to certain types of disease and infection that at one time might have caused widespread sickness without the possibility of a cure.

But as human beings have evolved so have the diseases, becoming stronger and stronger as the attempt to survive in this world is being won at the microscopic level just as often as it is at our level it would seem. The diseases tend to win if we can’t defend against them, and yet the one thing that helps our young to fight back while their immune system develops, the one thing that might insure the survival of our race, is the same thing that many people rail against because of the odds that harmful side effects could possibly happen.

It’s a gamble, that’s very true, but it’s also a surety that a child that is not vaccinated can be akin to dropping a biological bomb in the middle of a city and allowing it to spread as far as the winds and their fellow humans can carry it until it burns out. And if it’s a particularly strong virus? Then all bets are off. But really folks, please, rail against vaccinations, argue against the chance that we’re being given to prevent widespread disease. We risk our lives walking out of our houses every day, but we make sure we’re as ready as can be, don’t we?

Let’s talk about truths and falsehoods for a moment.

The claim that vaccinations cause seizures has gone on to state that the number of seizures have skyrocketed, as one in 20 children under 5 will suffer from epilepsy. The truth of it is that around 1 in 166 of kids under 5 will suffer epilepsy. Try again.

It’s been claimed that vaccines can cause childhood epilepsy, fever, infection, and brain swelling. Some folks might want to read a little harder as much of what was just stated is not caused by the vaccine. Febrile seizures can be caused by an inactive pathogen in the vaccine, but otherwise it’s been found that many upon many individuals that experienced epileptic fits were caused by an underlying genetic mutation. In other words it was inherent within their DNA before the vaccine was administered. The truth is that about 2 out of millions of children will have unexplained seizures after being vaccinated. That’s not quite an epidemic-level.

It would seem that vaccine package inserts actually state that they can run the risk of causing seizures. But as with every other FDA-approved medical treatment vaccines are require to be labeled with the potential risks. There is the possible risk of seizure, but much of the time this is related to those that have a family history of seizures. In other words if a family has a history of seizures then an individual might be at risk of suffering a seizure after being vaccinated.

To all those that are against vaccinating their children. It is your right, and your decision to vaccinate or not vaccinate your kids. Just don’t expect people that catch something from your child to say thank you for standing up.

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