Rockaway Beach, OR

October 23rd, 2019

A few hours later she was standing on the beachfront, staring out at the large rock formations that sat hundreds of yards away, the surf lapping at their sides and sending spray to climb the rocky faces with each impact. Nico had driven her here and then gone off to do his part, which meant taking care of her and her career in any way that was needed. The rest was up to her.

“Hey look, the rockstar decided to join us today,” came a voice from behind her, snide and demeaning as always. Her costar for the film that she was about to shoot a scene for, Dylan Weathers, was about the most dickish and rude individual she’d ever met, yet because he could literally charm the pants of many women his age or younger he thought he was some kind of gift to the world. He’d tried to charm her out of her panties more than once and had only ever received a slap to the face and then a five-knuckle duster to his chin for his efforts.

“What’s that smell?” she asked, wrinkling her nose, “Did someone eat some bad tuna?”

He chuckled without humor as he came to stand a few feet from her, “You’d be smelly too if you’d just gone a few rounds with the weatherman,” he said with a sigh, stretching so as to show off the muscular physique that drove so many women wild. Jaymie could only roll her eyes in disgust and annoyance.

“Hey there are my stars!” exclaimed the director, who’d been pacing the beach not too far off to her right, apparently waiting for Jaymie and Dylan to show up but also trying to figure out which angle would be best to take in the Twin Rocks from. The location for the next shot had been her idea, as the director had wanted to be away from this place as quickly as possible after having spent only a couple of days here. He was from Los Angeles and said he couldn’t stand the lack of noises at night. To Jaymie though it was simply serene and a welcome reprieve from the many cities she’d had to visit during her career.

“Hope you’ve been working on your pucker,” Dylan said with a leer, making a kissing face at her as Jaymie grimaced, “Don’t be sucking at my lip like a dying fish, this shot needs to be good.”

“Then why are you here?” she quipped. It might have been the wrong thing to say, but Dylan was already walking away, acting like he hadn’t heard. That was fine with Jaymie. It gave her more time to think about how to best execute her plan.

(to be continued)

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