Yuma, Arizona

November 3rd, 2020

No one accosted her, and as far as she could tell no one had been in her home as she went about packing what she might need and being careful to not take too much or too little. The essentials such as toiletries would be wise, and several changes of clothes would also be a good idea. The $20 thousand dollars left in the top drawer of her desk where she kept her flash drives and other information-gathering devices was unexpected though.

She’d expected her family to have left her a small amount, big enough to live on but not enough to start a new life if she desired. Her family wasn’t super-rich by any means, but they could take care of themselves better than most in the city of Yuma. Twenty-thousand dollars wasn’t their life’s fortune, but it wasn’t a weekly allowance either. Alexis didn’t bother to question why they’d left this for her, thinking that no matter what they’d done or how they’d looked at her they still loved her, and this was just more proof. There was also a cellphone beneath the stacks of money that was not hers.

It was a smartphone, a prepay as she could see, and rather than see what it had been programmed with, if anything, she stuffed it in her bag and was on her way to the garage where her car, a sensible dark green Range Rover that she’d helped her parents pay for, was parked, gassed-up and ready to go. The Rover was an older model and hadn’t come with a lojack system attached to it thank goodness. She’d even had a mechanic friend of hers do a thorough check of the vehicle and he’d come up with nothing but a cool $200 for his troubles that she’d been happy to pay.

As she made her way to the top of the stairs leading down towards the lower level and almost directly to the garage however she heard the unmistakable snick of the front door being opened. A person could have tried to be as quiet as they possibly could and never have managed to open that door quietly enough to avoid some noise being heard. Of course it didn’t help the person coming in that she was fully alert and listening for anything at this point.

When no one said “hello?” however she was more than confident that the intruder was not here for a social call.

“Go around to the back,” someone whispered from the doorway, “She couldn’t have gotten far.”

Her fear warred with her anger at that point, but the latter finally won out. Thankfully she managed to tamp it down as she kept herself out of sight just beyond the staircase, thinking of what she could do in that moment that might not get her killed, captured, or otherwise harmed.

She didn’t give a damn about whoever had just invaded her home.

(to be continued)

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