Garibaldi, OR

October 23rd, 2019

There was a moment of silence between them as Jaymie sat in the cushioned seat opposite of Nico, blowing over the top of her drink as she stared off into the distance. Nico inhaled through his nose as he leaned back, lifting one foot to put it on the side of the bed.

“What is it?” he asked with a long-suffering sigh.

“I think today’s the day,” Jaymie said quietly, taking another sip.

Nico didn’t move, didn’t say anything, and in fact only the soft shake of his head was evident as he closed his eyes. She’d been talking about this for weeks, but he’d been hoping she would never go through with it. He of course wouldn’t stop her since he knew just what she was doing, but he still didn’t fully approve. He was her agent and one of her best friends, so whatever she did affected his business but it also affected him because he genuinely cared about her.

But this was madness.

“I need to Nico,” she said after swallowing her sip, “It’s been too long since I started and nothing’s changing. In fact it’s getting worse.”

“I know,” he said with a sigh, taking his foot off of the bed and leaning forward as he looked at her seriously, “But are you sure this is the route you want to take?” He shook his head as she just looked at him without answering, “Of course you are, silly of me.” He blew out a long breath as he pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and index finger, “You know, being friends with you is turning me gray.”

“I thought that’s why you had kids,” she teased, smiling at him over her cup.

“I might as well count you as one of my kids,” he quipped, “We’ve known each other just about long enough.”

“And I definitely don’t listen when you want me to,” she said with a smile, raising her cup to cheers him softly as he grinned, shaking his head while grabbing his own cup. As the rims of their cups met he grinned back, a warm gesture she’d grown fond of too many years before.

“It’s going to be one helluva show kid,” he said, “I hope you’re ready.”

“Me too,” she replied.

(to be continued)

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