Yuma, Arizona

November 3rd, 2020

There wasn’t time to worry if anyone was around, she knew who this man represented by the sound of his voice, the fact that he didn’t speak to her longer than a single sentence, and more importantly, the way he smelled. She felt her teeth sharpen within her mouth, felt her bones strengthen, and felt the shift take over her entire form as she spun away from that hand, covering it with her own as her fingernails grew thin and incredibly durable as they dug into the flesh of his hand. Time seemed to slow down as he reacted much as those before him had, reaching for the handgun holstered at his hip. If he’d come towards her firing he might have had a shot, but just one.

Anything else would have been wasted ammunition. As it was, she wanted no wasted motion and as he opened his mouth to scream from the pain of her nails filleting the back of his hand she was moving, reaching up with her other hand as she stepped in close, using the immense strength she’d been given to clamp his jaw shut hard enough to shatter teeth and drive their jagged stumps into his gums. Blood began to seep from between his lips as he tried to resist, to pull away, but found that he couldn’t. She could already feel the effect beginning to wear off. When she was surprised and had to react too quickly the power she held wouldn’t last forever, but as she scanned about she saw nothing and no one that had been disturbed by this sudden altercation.

Days in Yuma were unbearably hot at times while nights were somewhat chilly, even in the winter, but it was rather temperate at the moment. People should have been outside, moving about, and she should have had to worry about onlookers seeing what she could do. But not even a dog or a stray cat could be seen moving about, and that worried her. That didn’t mean she was about let up on the pressure she was exerting on the man’s neck as she continued to push as much as she could on his jaw.

She didn’t stop until she heard the telltale crack and then the crunch of his vertebral column separating from the hole in his skull, a feat that one such as her normally would never be able to accomplish. It was amazing what one could do with enough additional force at their command. She would have to eat after this however, and soon, or she would succumb to sleep for longer than she believed she had.

Letting the man drop she felt the power she’d exerted begin to draw upon her reserves, her fingernails returning to normal and the pressure her enlarged teeth had placed upon her gums and lips lessening as she left the dead man to slide slightly down the incline she’d been standing upon. He would be found soon enough, which meant that she didn’t have much time.

It was time to take her family’s example and leave. She could only hope that she wasn’t too late.

(to be continued)

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