I’ve been accused in the past of being anti-religion, and even accused of having a serious issue with religion itself. While it’s true I don’t view organized religion as a perfect thing it’s also very true that I won’t ascribe to it for my own reasons. For others it is a part of their lives that they choose, that they cling to, need, hold to, and possibly must have in order to make their life whole in some crucial way.

But like anything in this world it’s a belief in something, anything, that is more than one can possibly explain on their own. The faith that is required for any religion is a faith that, to me, is not wasted on those that practice any given religion, so long as they do so in a manner that is allows the rest of society to live in the manner they desire.

The ‘war’ between science and religion is laughable at best and dangerous at its worst.

For a very long time science and religion have stood on opposite sides of a divide that is created by human beings and widened by the denials of those that refuse to see what is right in front of them. Religion is all well and fine and there are moments throughout history that seem to beg for a greater depth of research so as to verify if certain things did in fact happen. But more and more that path will delve into science as it utilizes scientific methods that are not based solely on faith and will seek to unearth truths about the world that religion might not be able to handle.

This is where the trouble tends to really start. Up until a person’s faith is challenged there is typically no need for conflict, no need for anything other than a polite discourse between the devout members of any religion and the scientists that seek to draw out the truths of the world in which we live. The faith that can be, at times, overwhelmingly stubborn and even fanatical, will often cry foul at the findings of science and seek to debunk such facts and data by stating that it’s been fabricated and otherwise faked in order to question the faith of mankind.

Keep in mind this is worst-case scenario, as there are religious scientists and scientists that believe in religion even if they don’t fully ascribe to it. But those zealots from both camps that simply will not compromise and will not seek to discuss the overlap between both worlds are often those that continue this ongoing debate and find others to join the cause.

There is a great deal about the reality in which we live that we still don’t know.


Science is at most a best guess as to what happened during the history of the world. It is taken on the faith of the hard evidence that is gathered and discovered throughout the world as it comes, and nothing more. Science isn’t as perfect as people seem to think, and neither is religion. We have only best guesses and the accounts of those that managed to log the information of the past when possible to go on, and as that goes we are all blind men and women seeking out a flickering candle flame that was lit millions upon millions of years ago.

What happened upon the emergence of our galaxy? How many others are there? How long will we remain here until something happens that wipes us all out or delivers us to the next stage of evolutionary change? Who knows? Science and religion will give us best guesses, as both are limited by the fact that humanity is in fact limited by our own hand.

There’s no need for a vendetta against religion. It’s limited in what it can possibly tell us about our world and what is to come, but then so is science, no matter how much more of the world it’s unveiled. What we know is that we don’t know, and in relation to both science and religion, there is still a great amount that human beings have yet to discover.

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