To be quite honest there’s no one exercise that’s better than the next. It’s all a matter of what you want to do. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to gain muscle? Do you want to build up your endurance? There are exercises that can help you with any goal you have in mind when it comes to fitness, but you’re the one that has to decide what it is that you’re trying to accomplish.

Exercise IS for everyone, but not EVERY exercise is for everyone.

Get that? You can train like an Olympian or professional athlete if you want, or try, but unless your body needs to work a peak performance all the time then not every exercise is going to be something you need or should even really attempt. Those that make a living through sports of any kind will usually have a fitness regimen that, during the slow season, will still make the average person’s workout routine look like a warm-up.

Exercise is supposed to be somewhat comfortable for each person and not take you past the safe limits that your body can withstand. Now keep in mind I didn’t say “stay within the limits” I said “past the SAFE limits”. You’re not going to show up at the gym and start benching 400 lbs. like a professional weightlifter, and you’re definitely not going to be running like a marathon runner if you can only make a few miles on the treadmill before collapsing. It’s not a matter of discouraging your workout, it’s more along the lines of telling people how to gauge their fitness level and figuring out what will work for them.

Exercise isn’t about competition after all, at least not when you get to the gym. It’s about making the attempt to keep yourself healthy and to lead a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Exercise doesn’t mean much if you can’t control your eating habits.


The real EXERCISE you might want involves controlling your eating habits. It’s okay, everyone knows that fast food is easy, simple, and sometimes cheaper than cooking a meal at home. But the price you pay for a poor diet comes when you have to workout even harder and for much longer to lose the calories gained by a single cheeseburger or slice of pizza than you would if you were eating something healthy and far more energizing than a grease-bomb from the local drive-thru.

If you can’t balance your diet then exercise is only going to bring about a small amount of relief since putting that junk into your body will provide a short energy boost but won’t help you in the long run. To really get the benefit out of any exercise you need to eat foods that will build you up, not clog you up and drag you down.

The best exercise involves the willpower to start eating and living in a healthier manner.

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