Garibaldi, OR

October 23rd, 2019

There was a bite to the air as she stood to her feet, rolling her shoulders and doing her best to ignore it for the moment. She’d forgotten to put the heater on the night before and was no doubt feeling the cool chill of a coastal morning. Jaymie had known for some time that the weather on the coast could lean from chilly to cool even in the summer months, but inside where there was no sunlight, especially early in the morning like now, it was still cold as balls, as some people might say. It was an odd saying but she kind of liked it.

A knock came at her door in that next instant as she was opening her eyes wide, trying to wake up a bit more. Shambling towards the bathroom area, which was quite simple, nothing like a Hilton or Marriott suite, to fetch one of her few robes that she’d brought.

“Hold on,” she called, her voice cracking slightly as she reached the hangers that were kept just outside the bathroom. Pulling down a soft, comfy pink robe she put it on and was belting it around her waste as the door opened. She almost worried at that moment that she’d forgotten to lock the door, but as she saw the lean form of her agent and friend Nico making his way into the room, eyes shielded by sunglasses and the cup of blessed, sweet-smelling coffee he held in one hand she couldn’t help but smile.

“You’re decent I hope,” he said, his gravelly voice sounding like music to her ears just as the coffee smelled like heaven to her nostrils.

“You’d love it if I wasn’t,” she quipped, “Just trying to sneak a peek aren’t we?”

“Oh please,” Nico said with a laugh as he stood just inside the doorway, pushing it closed with his back as he held out the steaming paper cup, a venti no less, for her to grab. Jaymie took it with a grateful ‘thank you’ and sipped at the rim, he never used the lids bless him, as the hot but very sweet concoction reached her lips. Inhaling softly she let the hot, sugary fluid warm her all the way down as Nico went and took a seat at the round table that many hotels seemed to think was such a great thing to place right between a window and a bed.

“Am I needed on set yet?” Jaymie asked, raking her left hand through her hair as she held onto her coffee with her other.

“Not yet,” Nico said, “They’ll buzz me when it’s time. Besides, they’ll be shooting closer to Rockaway today so you’ve got enough time to just sit and rest. Rough night?”

She smiled, “Nope, just dreams is all.”

“Aw, you shouldn’t dream of me too hard, my missus will get jealous.”

Jaymie snorted, almost spraying coffee over him as Nico raised his hands in defense, chuckling as she wiped at her lips.

“That was so not nice,” she said, admonishing him with a grin, “Besides, your wife likes to share from what I hear.”

“She’s been telling you stories again I see,” Nico said with a laugh, “But you should know that Ramone and Big Red aren’t actual people.”

Jaymie rolled her eyes at his leering smile. She loved her friend to death but sometimes he could be just a bit corny.

(to be continued)

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