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I know you’re there, I can feel the look

You’re hiding somewhere I can’t see.

In a corner, a closet, a shadowed nook.

Or somewhere that something shouldn’t possibly be.

You’ve been there longer than you should have been you know.

Your time already came

Why didn’t you heed the summons to go?

When fate came and called your name?

I feel you back there, watching me so quietly, always far behind.

I can’t help wondering if you’re someone’s burden,

And why you seem to be mine.

Did someone hurt you and make you stay?

Or were you left behind?

Do you want to frighten and scare me away?

Or are you scared but kind?

I’d ask if you want something or need assistance

But you’d probably refuse and give me a scare.

I guess we’ll both just continue this dance

Since I will always know you’re there.

-Sometimes whimsy strikes and you’ve got to go with it.

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