Yuma, Arizona

November 3rd, 2020

Her family was already gone. They’d packed up what they needed and headed back east nearly three days ago, which might put them in Georgia if they’d been driving all the way through and her parents had taken shifts driving. Their RV was big enough and comfy enough to sleep all three of them without a hitch. It had even been enough to fit her if she’d wanted to go, but she had seen the look in their eyes, and despite the calm assurances of her parents that they still loved her and would do anything for her, there was no doubt that Alexis had become more of a liability than even her parents could afford.

They’d left her with the understanding that they would find family in Georgia, relatives they hadn’t seen in years, and come back for her when things had settled down. She believed them, just as she believed they needed time to accept what she was, what she’d done, and what she was capable of. But she didn’t believe that their feelings remained unchanged. Her brother was perhaps the only one at the moment who had not seen her as different yet, and he had the benefit of youth on his side, the naivete of children that allowed them to accept so much of the unknown that adults simply couldn’t seem to handle.

She was a legal adult at least, and did not have to be accompanied anywhere by a parent. Her own parents had left her cash, a car, and enough to get by on until she made the decision to come and join them or, as they’d seen in her eyes, she decided to find a way to end what had been set in motion for good, if she could.

There was no telling just how many intermediaries she would have to go through in order to finally reach the end of the road she was currently on, or if she would still be standing by the time that moment came. Right now all that mattered was following up on the only lead she’d been given in the fatal moment when her family had seen her for what she truly was.

“Miss, you’ll have to come with me.”

The voice was unknown to her, as was the hand that dropped suddenly on her shoulder, the owner trying to spin her around as she stood absolutely still. The only thing that happened was that the shirt she was wearing moved with his grasp, and then tore along a seam as he tried to grab her. What came next was exactly why her parents now looked at her so differently.

(to be continued)

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