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No, this won’t be a lengthy post of “vote this way if you want the country to change” or “vote that way if you think things are going good the way they are and need to stay the course” kind of article. It will be more along the lines “damn I’m tired, aren’t you America?”

We need the elections, we need the process, and we need people that are serving our best interests in charge of the country. So why is it that we don’t seem to get them that often? How in the world does our country run with people in office that seem to be more concerned with their own well-being than the country’s? It’s one thing to take care of yourself if you don’t have a job that requires you to serve others on a continual basis, but the people in DC are there for the purpose of serving the country, not their own personal interests.

The purpose of politicians is, contrary to popular belief, to serve the will of the people.

It might not seem that way considering that many among them tend to vote and to act in a manner that suggest that their interests are continually put before those of the nation. There are those among them that do sacrifice and are able to look upon their fellow human beings with something akin to respect and dignity, but they are kind of rare these days. A lot of politicians, too many in fact, seem to see their positions as having been earned all this time when in truth they’ve been living in one compromise after another, making themselves wealthy throughout the long tenure as they watch the country go deeper into debt and do little to nothing about it.

Oh they do something alright I suppose, they watch their bank accounts get bigger and contemplate a nice retirement pension when they finally decide to retire.

Which way are you going to turn?

It’s a rhetorical question really since between Republicans and Democrats it seems as though one side or the other will do little to nothing in the way of creating true resolutions to the many problems plaguing America. Does that offend some of you? Good, perhaps it will open your eyes, but maybe it won’t. But it will certainly put you on the defensive and will sharpen your focus when it comes to understanding what the country needs to recover.

Which way are you going to go?

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