Garibaldi, OR

October 23rd, 2019

Here there were nightmares.  Stress, tension, even eating the wrong foods could sometimes bring out such nocturnal demons, insuring that not a wink of sleep could be had by those who were so afflicted.  Tossing and turning within the sheets of her rollaway bed Jaymie hovered somewhere between slumber and wakefulness.  At this moment the part of her that was mostly awake was grateful that she didn’t see fit to entertain any male ‘guests’, since like her they would get very little sleep.

It had been some time since she’d even had eyes for a man, much longer since she’d decided to go farther than a few dates and a solid friendship.  It seemed that too many young men and even the older men were more interested in trying the ride before they found out what she was really like.  In such cases Jaymie had found that it was quite easy to let them go from her life without a fuss.  She had plenty of people around her for company, though perhaps a quarter of them were those she truly trusted.

Among that number were a few gay men that she had learned to trust implicitly.  The rest, save for one, were women who had proven that they cared more about her than they were paid to. The one that stood out from the rest was a man only two years older than her named Anthony Pervin, a local man who’d caught her eye within the first week of shooting.  There were many friendly towns up and down the Pacific Coast, though unlike the rest of the cast and crew Jaymie had decided to stay here instead of Tillamook or Rockaway Beach, each town laying just down the road from the small community.  Thus far she hadn’t been unduly bothered by the small town’s inhabitants.  This was comforting and quite normal.

There were folk who lived upon the coast that claimed that those within the city had become far too jaded against what was deemed an ordinary life and sought distraction from such in each and every aspect they could.  For coastal locals life was a bit simpler and far less stressful when it came to such matters.  Too often there were such concerns, mainly the weather, that demanded the majority of their attention.  Living next to one of the largest bodies of water in the world tended to cue one into problems that mainlanders often didn’t have to worry about.

Having spent much of her life around and on the Pacific coast Jaymie had learned much of what those who saw this as their year round home went through.  The climate was the same year round, though by the weather patterns that often emerged one could scarcely tell.  One moment it might be sunny and pleasant, while the next it would downpour, creating a stunning reversal upon the unwary.  She loved it still, finding that the storms that swept along the coast at times were far more relaxing than a day spent in rush hour traffic back home.

Anthony had treated her much like a local in the short time she’d known him.  This was undoubtedly one of the qualities that had drawn her to him in the first place.  He didn’t see her as a spoiled, pampered snot as some critics seemed to think she was, but rather as the tender soul she truly was.  She’d fully enjoyed the small amounts of time she’d been able to spend with him, and she particularly liked the fact that he was so unflaggingly patient with her schedule.  In her mind Anthony was the epitome of a costal gentleman, laid back yet polite when it came to dealing with women.

Jaymie came awake with a start as she placed one hand quickly on the edge of her motel bed, halting her forward momentum just in time to avoid a bruising fall to the carpet.  The fall would have hurt even worse thanks to the fact that her legs were tangled in the blank white sheets that seemed to be a common staple of all hotels.  Rolling back towards the middle of the bed Jaymie carefully unwound her legs from the sheets, blowing out a sigh of frustration as it took her several moments to accomplish this.

(to be continued)

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