Yuma, Arizona

November 3rd, 2020

She wasn’t an imposing figure. She wasn’t tall, she wasn’t bulky, and she certainly wasn’t intimidating in the least. But she was fierce, and that was what too many people had never seemed to realize. She was the beast within the skin of a lamb, the one that could turn ferocious when it was needed and seem meek whenever she desired. This was the mask she wore most days, the one that people enjoyed, the one that some seemed to think was the only way that the world saw her.

Those days had ended though.

When her little brother had become the target of those that should have left the issue between her and themselves they had elevated matters in a very dangerous and profound way. They had helped to unleash something in her that was nothing less than a catastrophe waiting to happen, a metaphorical bomb waiting to explode the moment her trigger was reached. They hadn’t been ready, and they’d paid the price. Unfortunately, she had a price yet to pay as well.

Kneeling upon the rough mixture of sand and dirt overlooking the small duck pond that sat just a short ways from her home, Alexis pondered the very nature of the demons that dwelt within her otherwise pure soul, wondering just how she might reconcile with her brother, and her parents, after what they had seen her do.

The night around her was cool as a gentle wind blew across the pond, disturbing the water just a bit as ripples could be seen across the mirror-like surface. The ducks that frequented this place had either gone elsewhere or bedded down in the foliage that surrounded the far sides of the pond, nestled in safe and sound. She envied them in that moment for their assumed safety. much as others might have envied her until this night.

She had to leave, but she had nowhere to go. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. She had nowhere she wanted to go.

(to be continued)

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