What does this mean? For the purposes of this post it means that stripping people of their dignity, their purpose, and everything that makes them who they are is not a wise move. At our core, whether people truly want to believe it or not, we are very simple beings that rely on basic emotions and cues that help us to navigate the world around us. We treat one another based upon how we would like to be treated and how we are actually treated. In other words society and civilization is possible because human beings learned how to treat one another with a modicum of respect and dignity that managed to help us raise ourselves from the savagery we came from.

Tearing people down is much easier than building them up.

Call it a quirk or a fault in the human spirit but the act of building someone up takes time, effort, and in some cases a great deal of trust that must be earned. That represents a long, hard road that not everyone can tread so easily and yet it comes with great rewards eventually as people learn how to behave and how to rely on one another. Tearing people down however is quite easy, as it doesn’t require morals, it doesn’t require manners, and it allows people to bring out the darker side of their nature which seems to be poised and ready to spring with many people.

Despite being a bad decision however it is also a bad habit that many people happily engage in as they attempt to ridicule and demean those that are different, those that have different ideals, and those that cannot reach a compromise when it comes to the differences between us. Tearing others down is a thing of ease when one seeks to use their differences as a weapon rather than a unifying ideal.

The danger in tearing people down however is that eventually you strip away the decency that makes them who they are.

The kindest, most gentle person in the world will harbor at least a shred of that shared instinct that keeps people going each and every day. This instinct is neither positive or negative in theory, as it exists to keep us alive, to keep us moving, and to insure that we don’t simply give in and give up when things get too difficult. That instinct however is easily swayed when an overwhelming emotion is allowed to influence it, and when such emotions are negative it tends to bring out the worst in some people.

In some folks it will do nothing, it will make them work harder to achieve their goals or perhaps just give up entirely. But others will take a different tact and that includes becoming confrontational, combative, and even vindictive towards those that tear them down in such a manner. Thankfully it takes a good long time to break a human being down to raw instinct and reaction, but when it’s been done, there’s no reversing the effect until the person in question decides to see reason and forego the immediate reaction that such instinct tends to demand.

Is this becoming clear now?

Our world has thrived on building people up in theory and making society greater, but it has continually done so at the expense of others and the continued harassment and degradation of those people that should have by all rights been a part of the building of this world all along. The measure of equality that has been denied to many people throughout history goes a long way towards explaining the bitterness and resentment that is still felt to this day, and the warring instincts of those that seek to fight rather than unite in a world where unification is the only means by which we’ll continue to thrive as a species.

Humanity has been stripping each other down to the core, basic instincts for far too long, and it’s getting to the point where those instincts are going to end up harming us more than the actions it took to get to them.

To those that actively tear people down, think twice about your words and your actions, or those you break down could very well come back to haunt you in more ways than one.

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