Hartford, Connecticut

May 13th, 2020

My name is Marianne Alexandra Paine, and I am not afraid to die. A year ago to this day I faced down something I didn’t understand and somehow I won. I buried my team at sea the sea the same day that I beat the reaper once again, and I destroyed all but trace evidence of the thing that had once been a young male whose name I will never know. My superiors wanted to commend me for my service and grant me another chance at leading a team, but I politely declined. Of course when they told me my only other choice was death I thought it over for a moment.

You see, the kid that I killed was infected with something that we don’t know enough about, something that’s dangerous enough that we can’t be leaving loose ends. Like me. So the offer to lead another team and begin the hunt for those that had done this wasn’t so much an offer as it was a choice. I could have been retired and forgotten since my military record has been erased, along with the rest of my life, or I could take the road I ended up traversing to this date.

We found out that the company that had been financing the people that had created the toxin, virus, disease, it’s been called so many things now, is just one of many shell companies that’s been knocked off the board along with several others at this point. The only problem is that whoever’s really footing the bill is just too damned good and is putting them up as fast as we can knock them down. Even being here at this time we can’t be certain that we’re going to find anything. The people backing us have deep pockets that seem to have no end, but one of these days it seems fitting to think that they’ll get tired of chasing ghosts and just pull the plug on us.

Until then, it’s time to bring the pain.

The End

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