The Stand Your Ground Law is meant to protect people, but it’s not meant as a security blanket for those that can’t handle their own fear. Does that seem controversial? Good, because so does this case in Clearwater, Florida, where a man was shot and killed after he’d shoved another man to the ground for getting into a heated argument with his girlfriend.

But let’s back up a moment.

When Markeis McGlockton’s girlfriend drove into the Circle A convenience market’s parking lot she apparently parked in a handicapped spot. A regular customer of the store seemed to have an issue with this and went on to make a case of with the girlfriend, which eventually resulted in a heated debate that had the two of them shouting at one another. All the while this was happening, Markeis’ son was in the car watching the whole exchange.

Overreacted, or did what a good boyfriend should do?

Upon coming outside and seeing the man in his girlfriend’s face Markeis did what a lot of us might do, he shoved the man to the ground to get him away from his girlfriend. There was no way of knowing if the man was going to become violent or not, but admittedly shoving him away instead of down might have been a better option. Still, what came next was nowhere near expected or necessary. Being that Markeis was protecting his girlfriend it was certainly uncalled for.

The man pulled a gun, and even though Markeis wasn’t making a move towards him and was in fact backing off, he fired off a single shot.

It was just one shot, and Markeis was hit square in the chest. Markeis hadn’t made another move towards the man, and in fact was starting to back off, when the man pulled the trigger, apparently fearing for his life as the story goes. This is hard to believe however since Markeis was a good enough distance from the man that he couldn’t reach him, couldn’t even have kicked him had he tried. He saw the gun was already backing away, so there was no imminent threat to be had. This man panicked, plain and simple, and killed a father in front of his son and girlfriend.

Worse yet, there are no criminal charges being filed.

Thanks to a loophole called Stand Your Ground the man that killed Markeis faces no repercussions at this time, as he stated that he was in fear for his life and simply had to shoot since he thought Markeis was going to hurt him. He had a gun, and he was worried that an unarmed person was going to hurt him. Y’know, an unarmed person that pushed him down and then backed away. But hey, he was scared, and fear makes even the smartest person stupid at times.

But to face no charges when his life wasn’t in danger, because he was simply too dumb to walk away, or to not start something in the first place, does not excuse what was done. This was murder, not self-defense, and the mere announcement that he’s not doing time at this point is enough to make many people very, very angry.

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