It might not make sense, but in a sense we are all born to be weapons eventually, though what we’re to be aimed at isn’t known until we gain a decided purpose and a path that we choose for our own. There is no enemy deadlier than mankind at this moment and there are none that are more destructive or capable of ruining one another so completely than humans. There are so many ways to attack one another that the ammunition never seems to dry up and the troops just keep coming. With each new generation we’re unloading millions upon millions of new weapons that are ready to be primed and put to use in one way or another.

Is anyone else tired of it?

Weaponizing humans isn’t just a fairy tale or a fantasy, it’s done every day using some of the most devious tricks you can imagine.


So long as people exist that will gladly rally others to their cause and in effect prime each and every human being to stand against or for a certain cause there will never be a shortage of human weaponry to use against those that are deemed their enemies. The more conventional weaponry that we rail against so often, the machines, tech, and destructive items that are so hotly debated, are continually pushed as the issue when the real weapon is the one that conceptualizes and brings to life these many different ways with which to end a life.

Using them as ‘deterrents’ is a fond way of saying that they’ll be used to minimize casualties so that not EVERYONE will be affected, just those that need to be. And if you believe that then the A-bomb was just a glorified flash-bang grenade. The will to use these weapons is what is truly dangerous, and the will that is stoked into a hot, raging inferno that is ready to utilize these weapons against others is the true danger that lies inside each one of us.

Yes it’s tempting to do harm to someone that wrongs you.


Harming another that has harmed you in some way is a natural human instinct as it’s been for a long, long time. But it’s an instinct that is also tempered by wisdom as well as intelligence, two very important qualities that are needed within humanity so as to insure that we don’t send ourselves screaming into the waiting arms of annihilation. We’re born as living weapons without a manual or a guide to follow, and we’re primed as we grow to aim in one direction or the other. How we use the knowledge and wisdom we gain as we grow however is what will determine just how dangerous we become.

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