Phonebook and The Game are parts of the same story in which a killer using one of the most outdated forms information, the phone book, finds their victim by making the current one select them from the multitude of pages. How do you find a killer that has no real motive other than follow fate? The story is continued in The Game as the epidemic of murder continues, and the the Game is picked up by even more willing participants.

Ever wonder what it’s really like to be a part of the story? What might happen if someone attempted to quiet that story, to make it seem as though it never existed? Nolan and his sister must find a way to stop the fairy queen Maab from destroying the entirety of the fairy tale world before they too become a forgotten part of a tale that was never told. In The Story, Tina and Nolan must once again take up arms against an unrelenting enemy that seeks to finish what Maab started.


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