Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have such a problem with telling the truth? It’s because the people they’ve been lying to so long want to believe that what they’ve heard is the absolute truth and that nothing else could possibly take its place. Those same people believe in the illusion that has been given to them and don’t want to think that they were so easily fooled and are therefore as gullible as others that they believe are misguided. The truth is that they don’t want to admit that they made a mistake and put their faith in the wrong person.

Of course I’m talking about Trump.

Trump is of course one person that seems to revel in the falsehoods he tells and has made the world afraid to actually hear the truth as it means that those who have supported him will have conspired to be a part of a dangerous narcissist’s campaign to break down the very nation that he promised to make great again. Trying to convince a diehard Trump supporter that they are backing the wrong person is about as successful as telling a person the real reason the sky is blue. It’s complicated and tends to shatter any illusions they had to the contrary.

Shutting oneself away from the truth doesn’t change it, as we all have to deal with the fallout of the lies.


When the bill comes due for the lies that have been told in this world, particularly those that are told by the most powerful man in the world, one has to wonder if anyone’s going to want to deal with it. The answer is a pretty obvious no since a lot of people seem to think that Trump has the master plan. You know who else had master plans? People that have done some pretty serious wrongs throughout history of mankind have had ‘master plans’ and their legacy has been highly suspect ever since.

The truth is something that is hard, mundane, and usually quite tough to hear since it makes us face a reality that we don’t want to think about and a life that is nothing like what we want it to be. But the lie is even worse as it reminds us that we are entirely fallible and can fabricate one lie after another with horrific ease. It’s so much easier to hear lies than it is to live truths, and that’s a big reason why politicians are still so effective.

Too many people just can’t handle the truth even when it’s staring them in the face.


There’s no need to attack Trump supporters or Hillary supporters or even those that exist somewhere in the middle. We all have serious truths to live up to and illusions to break down if this country is to continue. The start of it all however has to be owning up to the truths that many people refuse to see and coming to a compromise that is honest and forthright, not laden with false promises and a campaign to make America great again when in truth it never stopped being that way for many people.

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