Being obese it’s easy to understand just why it’s such a health risk and why it’s a big problem. It sucks for the mere reason that gaining the fat is so much easier than taking it off unless you’re a very active person. Unfortunately even those that are active can develop this kind of risk if they don’t ascribe to healthier diet and enjoy a high-fat, high-sugar intake that their body can only process for so long.

Here’s just a few reasons why being obese sucks:

You have limited energy.

It’s not that you have NO energy, it’s that the energy you have is limited to short bursts since you might feel peppy and ready to go after a meal or a snack, but that energy wears off very quickly as moving a body that’s too heavy takes more energy than the average person can produce. The heavier you are, the harder it is to move, and this leads in to the next point.

Your bones and joints are at serious risk.

If you’ve ever been to the weight room, yes obese people still go, then you know what it feels like when you lift too much or do too many reps. Your joints tend to ache and you can even feel your muscles, tendons, and bones start to ache as well from the continued exertion. No matter how big you are your body is only designed to take so much before it starts breaking down and is unable to offer any further support.

Your breathing can become affected.

Your lungs need room to inflate, and if you get too heavy and have too much weight pressing against them it can lead to other problems, but breathing is a big one that you can’t get around when it’s no longer as possible. Lying on your back at night you’ll find this out if you’re too heavy, as the added weight on your lungs is a serious detriment that will affect your breathing and can cause possible sleeping disorders that are quite dangerous to your health.

If that’s not enough, your self-esteem takes a serious hit.

Some people learn how to love themselves and just go with it, but others have a problem even going out in public when they’re too heavy. It’s a stigma among society to be too heavy since it tends to mean you’re going to be laughed at, pointed at, and in other words ridiculed until you crawl back into your home where no one can see you. This isn’t right obviously and is a huge problem with many that somehow feel it’s okay to mock those that aren’t as fit or trim as they are. Unfortunately however this is one problem that is solely under the control of the individual.


Being obese does suck and it can be a serious health problem, but it’s not the worst thing that could happen to anyone. What those of us that are obese need to remember is that we have the power to change it up and we have the ability to make our lives something that we can be proud of if we want. Keep in mind, we can always lose weight if we really try, but those that think it’s okay to mock us and show that they have an ugly spirit will always be that way.

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