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Anacortes, WA

December 5th, 2018

“I want you out of our home,” she said calmly, shaking her head, “I want that ring back, and I want you out of our home.”

“Babe, c’mon!” Clinton protested, “He probably took it out and wanted to blame me for it! Didn’t you, you freakin’ re-”

That was enough. She’d listened to Clinton put her brother down before and had unfortunately taken it because she kept hoping that he could change. And for too long he’d been so smooth, so convincing, and so damned polite when he wanted to be that she’d kept letting him come back into her life, into their lives. He didn’t like Linus, he never had as she’d known it, but he had held his tongue most times and decided that pissing her off wasn’t a good idea.

He didn’t have his own place, aside from a room that his parents would rent to him. But he didn’t want to follow their rules as he was a man nearing his 40s and thought he knew everything, along with what it took to keep another person happy. He didn’t know a damn thing other than how to cook, and he rarely did that when she asked him to. But calling her brother names was too much at this point, and after learning that he’d been ready to steal from her that was the tipping point.

She slapped him, hard and forceful as he turned away from her, and she used her opposite hand, backhanding him with her left as she’d seen people do in the past. The back of her hand, and the ring she wore on her index finger, caught him across the lips and the tip of his nose, leaving a long, grisly-looking scratch from his lower lip to his right cheek as he gasped in pain, raising one hand to see if he was bleeding. She’d cut him just deeply enough for the blood to appear as a red line on his skin, but the look of fury he gave her in that moment told Maple the beating to come would be the worst one she’d ever taken.

She could only hope that there would be enough of her left over to continue caring for Linus. If not, she didn’t know what would happen. As Clinton delivered the first hit of many to come however she found that she was determined to not cry out.

She wasn’t going to give the bastard the satisfaction.

(to be continued)

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